School Meals for the Kids of “Migjeni” School in Presheva

Presheva is a municipality in Serbia where the majority of its population is Albanian. Unfortunately, it is the most underdeveloped municipality in many regions.

Having no possibility of integration and advancement, the municipality of Presheva has the highest unemployment rate. According to statistics, over 70% of people are out of the labor market and the youth are heading towards emigration.

Such a reality makes many families in this area treated as social cases without economic income and the situation is even more severe in rural areas.

In the primary school “Migjeni” in Caravajke – Presheva, students coming from all over the countryside have to walk in the aggravated infrastructure conditions.

So we can contribute to these kids’ education and their approach to schooling, the Vision for Development and Cooperation Association in collaboration with the Global Albanians Foundation, has started a crowdfunding campaign and with your help, we can provide a school meal for the students.