KOSOVA: Help 700 Families in Kamenica

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KOSOVA: Help 700 Families in Kamenica

KOSOVA: Help 700 Families in Kamenica

700 families in Kamenica urgently need food supplies due to the serious situation created during COVID-19. Therefore, Invest in Kamenica platform along with the Global Albanians Foundation, Germin NGO and the Municipality of Kamenica, have organized this campaign to provide the essential food packages for the next month, for these families in need. The list of families will be shared only with donors for the purpose of data protection and respect for their privacy.

To Secure, collect and deliver these food packages to families doors in need, we need your help! You can donate donations of what is worth directly on Facebook as well as through the Paypal platform. After the collection of tools, packages are delivered to each family’s homes on the list secured by the municipality of Kamenica.

The fallout has been devastating, both on a humanitarian and spiritual level. Today, hundreds of families lack access to the most basic necessities needed for daily survival.

We call on all citizens inside the country and those from diaspora to contribute to the security of these food packages. An essentials package for a family costs 26.00 EUR. You can choose to donate for one or more families. After each delivery of a food package to a family, you will be made aware of the delivery.

DONATE FOR 1 Families-1 x 26.00 € = 26.00 €
DONATE FOR 2 Families-2 x 26.00 € = 52.00 €
DONATE FOR 3 Families-3 x 26.00 € = 78.00 €