Miresia Foundation
Eyeglasses for Orphans

Around 20% of children need glasses to be able to read a book, participate in a classroom, and perform basic needs. Based on statistics, in low-income communities across Albania, roughly 80% of kids who need glasses do not have them.

What chance does each of these children have to succeed in school, let alone break free from poverty?

Eyeglasses for Orphans in Albania is an initiative from Miresia Foundation, launched in 2019 aiming to make sure every orphan in low-income communities has the glasses he or she needs to succeed in school and life. This social program now serves orphans in low-income communities across all Albania. Over the last two years, we have helped 170 children.

What Miresia Foundation does through “Eyeglasses for Orphans” is simple, but not easy, and is a great example of how a community can work together to make a difference. We have partnered with Max Optika, a prestigious eye clinic which offers the visit and the eyeglasses for a reduced price to the orphans identified ($150 on average, including the visit and the optical eyeglasses). We are supported by the generosity of many individuals, companies, and foundations.

Our goal is to make sure each and every one of the orphans in Albania who lack the glasses they need are provided with them, free of charge, and we would like to support at least 50 children in this June fundraising campaign.

If you have any questions you may write to us  by email at [email protected] or on Facebook

Link to the organisation: https://miresia.org.al/